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We believe that prevention through education is the key!
We offer information and presentations to individuals, early childhood development programs, schools, home school groups, parent groups, community groups, and organizations!
Call us at (780) 815-4456 to discuss how we can meet your educational needs!

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Public Education

Dragonfly Counselling and Support Centre (The Centre) believes that prevention through education is key and therefore is committed to delivering educational resources to the community by offering information, consultations, advice, referrals as well as specialized presentations.

The Centre offers information and presentations to early childhood development programs, schools, home school groups, parent groups, community groups and organizations. Information sessions and presentations are customized to meet the needs of the group and/or organization.

All of our educational services are free of charge. Honorariums are always accepted and appreciated.

Presentations/ Informational Sessions

Dragonfly Counselling and Support Centre (The Centre) is currently growing and adding to the presentations available.

The following topics are available:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Consent
  • Digital Safety
  • Body Awareness (ages 4-6)
  • Promoting healthy sexuality in children and adolescents (ages infant to 18); session for parents, foster parents, guardians and caregivers
  • Dragonfly Counselling and Support Centre Services

(Fee Applicable)

For more information about “Digital Safety/Sexting”

Sexting and the Law about Sharing Intimate Images

Trade Shows, Displays, and Interactive Booths

Dragonfly Counselling and Support Centre travels to various trade shows, fairs, community activities and events to raise awareness on the many issues surrounding sexual assault and to inform the community about our programs and services.

Our displays and booths are both informative and interactive; providing promotional materials, crafts for children and more! All displays may be tailored to the audience and venue.

Community Resources


RCMP 826-3358

Victim Services 780-343-7255

Child & Family Services 780-826-3324

Mental Health 780-826-2404 – Crisis Line 1-877-303-2642

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinic – Medical Clinic 780-826-3346 1-800-668-6868

Health Services/Addictions 780-826-8054

Boys & Girls Club 780-826-3037

FCSS (Family & Community Support Services) 780-826-2120

Community & Family Support Program 780-826-1646

AB Human Resources and Employment 780-826-4175

Native Friendship Centre 780-826-3374

Indian-Metis Rehab Centre 780-826-3328

WJS 780-815-4430

Lakeland Centre for FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) 780-815-4450

Portage College 780-826-3110

Cold Lake

RCMP 780-594-302

FCSS 780-594-4495

Victim Services 780-594-3302/ext 3

Child & Family Services 780-594-7025

Women’s Shelter 780-594-3353

Mental Health 780-639-4922

Native Counseling Services 780-594-1914

Native Friendship Centre 780-594-7526

Health Services/Addictions 780-594-7556

Lakeland Centre for FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) 1-877-594-5454



Advocacy, Information, & Support

Disclosures, reporting process, police and court processes, hospital visits, these processes can be confusing and overwhelming. Whether you are an individual, a school, or an organization, we can help you navigate these processes.

The Centre provides advocacy and support services for those directly and indirectly impacted by a sexual assault or sexual abuse. If you do not know where to turn or are unsure about the next step to take, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help.


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